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ROTH & SCHIELD Is an international real estate agency and investment and construction company with a 30-year history. Our company deals with the whole spectrum of real estate transactions: buying and selling residential real estate (apartments, apartments, rooms, houses), renting residential real estate, selling land plots, buying and selling commercial real estate (offices, warehouses, industrial premises, sale of a ready-made business), lease of commercial real estate in the following countries: Austria, Spain, Germany, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia. The list of countries is constantly growing. We will help you find and buy real estate for you anywhere in Europe on the most favorable terms.

Our goal is the well-being of our clients.

Contact for inquiry:
Werner Kögerler

Real estate consultant
1070, Wien, Siebensterngasse, 23/1/104
+43 (699) 929-44-22

Yuliya Haidan

Real estate consultant
88000, Uzhgorod, st. Fedintsya, 2, 4th floor, office 6
+38 (050) 711-52-01

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